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Since 2002, we've built a brand that connects suppliers of Exceptional Products and Services to our community of over 80,000 Hospitality and Commercial Recreation Owners, Developers, and General and key department Managers with purchasing authority at more than 30,000 locations throughout North America and the Caribbean Region.

We are accepting manufacturer and distributor clients for our rep firm, and will develop a custom-tailored sales and representation program to help you grow your business. Our marketing tools include personal sales, trade show representation, as well as RESORT AND RECREATION Magazine and our various social media and email marketing platforms.

Call us for a consultation to see if we're a good fit for your growing enterprise.


We source and administer Business Purpose Loans for hospitality, recreation, or real estate investments. Terms vary, our funding "sweet spot" is up to $500k, and our payback window is typically under 5 years; however, don't hesitate to call for a consultation if your needs are "outside the box."



Investment strategies come in forms as varied as eye, hair, and tie color combinations! Regardless of your investment experience, we're glad to help in any way we can.

Being licensed as Realtors in the State of Michigan doesn't limit our ability to help you achieve your investment objectives anywhere in the world. Our network of contacts in Resort Residential, Commercial, and Private Residence markets will open to you a world of possibilities for your retirement or everyday investing strategy -- or if you just want to find a cool place to buy in one of the world's sexiest locations!

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